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Why Report Absences?

The most important reason for reporting absences is that it helps develop responsibility in our Young Marines. This trait will help them when they enter the workforce.

It also insures that absences are excused, helping the Young Marine to earn the Perfect Attendance ribbon.

During promotion cycles, Young Marine attendance is also reviewed and unexcused absences could have an adverse effect on their chance for promotion.


 The Young Marine promotion requirements as set forth by National HQ are outlined below.  In addition to the below promotion requirements - ALL Young Marines must also meet the MANDATORY requirements: 

Oral Promotion Board -
Members of the oral promotion board at a minimum will consist of the unit executive officer, a Young Marine senior in rank to those standing the board, and at least one other registered adult. (When there is no Young Marine senior in rank, that slot will be filled by a registered adult) The review board will not be comprised of any relatives of Young Marines seeking promotion.
Physically Fit -  
Each Young Marine is encouraged to improve their physical fitness.  For those Young Marines who continuously give the effort to improve their scores - but sometimes fall short - recognition and praise will be given and if the Young Marine meets all other promotion requirements - at the CO's discretion the physical fitness score may be re-evaluated. 
Recommendation for Promotion -
to receive the recommendation for promotion of a Young Marine - the following areas may be considered:
 - citizenship and leadership 
 - school, home, and outside activities
 - attendance at unit events and meetings
 - maturity:  is the Young Marine mature enough to handle the recommended rank
 - has the Young Marine met all enabling objectives 
RESOURCE:  At http://www.ymnwr.com/cgi-scripts/Guidebooks.asp the detailed performance requirements of each guidebook can be viewed/printed. You can also view the specific requirements that need to be verified for each
YM rank and print the form containing a signature line for each Performance Requirement. At the Eastern Mountains unit, each YM can view his/her current status via the private website to view these and other forms containing specific individual information to track progress toward the next rank as requirement sign-offs are completed.

Promotion Process

Testing for promotion is a three step process. Time in grade is not required; however, you must demonstrate the ability to perform the duties of the rank for which you are testing. In order to test for promotion you must submit a promotion request form with a copy of your most recent report card and a current progress report attached to it on the day promotion requests are due. NO late promotion requests will be accepted. If you cannot attend the required drills during the promotion cycle you will have to wait until the next cycle. The promotion testing steps are as follows:

  • Pass the PFT test with a minimum of 200 points, or 250 points for NCOs.
  • Pass the promotion written test
  • Pass the oral board
The above steps must be passed in the order they are displayed.

Ribbon Requests

In order to request a ribbon, you must first fill out a Ribbon Request Form and submit it to Mr. Feemster (XO) on the same day that promotion requests are due.  The downloadable doc is above, just click on it and print.